List of Crappiest Websites on the Internet

Top Crappiest Websites

  1. This is the crappiest site on the internet! A puke green background color adorns the page with a surprised or stunned individual looking shocked at the effects of raising a cup to one's mouth. Circuit board as a logo as to the overall crappy effect and hosted on a free blogging platform.

  2. Here we have the world's crappiest Website as listed on the site itself. The background appears to have a galactic view of the cosmos and may induced a slight case of vertigo or a near death experience depending on your religious affiliations. Without a doubt it may well be the crappiest site in the word. The text is in the usual puke green and cause severe discomfort when trying to flesh out the words hidden in the cosmos. Again, it's hosted on a free blogging platform or CMS.

  3. This site claims to be the crappiest Web page, which is mildly interesting since it spews forth tips on how to make the crappiest web site online which is quite crappy either way. Some great tips found on this page is to make the text illegible, use slow loading graphics and images, and the best tip of all is to be user Unfriendly!

  4. A late addition to the crappy site list. Again we have a free blogging/website content management system. This appears to be a prerequisite for a crap site, and like most crappy sites ever, when viewing the page we are overwhelmed with a feeling of great discomfort and anxiety. I really enjoyed the crap out of myself on this one, especially due to the HTML center tag visible in the page title.

  5. Wow, I never knew there was so much crap out there! I guess once you start looking for crap, you bound to walk right into it. Here's a creatively crappy site. In fact, unless you're paying attention you might just miss it. Again, look at the page title then do a view source for the HTML.

Helpful list of self titled Crappiest Sites. Please note that the following sites at the time of this post have called themselves the Crappiest Sites on the internet. I have put together a helpful collection of those sites that I deem to be the crappiest base upon the Search Results pages.