The Crappiest sites are crappy but happy!

Find a reason to be happy not Crappy!

Now is the perfect time to exercise your mental strength to find a reason to be happy and not crappy.

With all the doom and gloom in the media today, it's quite easy to see this as the crappiest time ever.

Sure there are companies announcing layoffs, big banks are failing, and Wall St. is bailing. So how does one stay happy and not crappy.

The internet is a great place to find funny things to laugh the cash credit crisis away well at least momentarily, take a look the famous Bush Shoe Video for a few smiles.
Chances are if you're reading this blog post then you have access to the internet, and that is something to be happy for. Considering that most of the world doesn't even have access to clean drinking water let alone the web.

The crappiest website doesn't mean it's about being negative, or having the crappiest attitude. No, let's leave that for all the mean people. The crappy websites featured in this blog have all called themselves crappy, and there is honesty and truth in knowing who and what you are and accepting that.

These sites dared to call themselves crappy and this website salutes the crappiest of the crappiest for the laughter they bring to the online world.