How to make the Crappiest Site on the internet

Making a Crappy Site Fast

The fastest way to make a crappy site on the internet, is to find a free blogging platform. There are tons to choose from and this post is not about picking a crappy content managing system.

In fact it's beyond the scope of the crappiest website ever to go into detail.

So hurry and pick a layout that's pure crap, avoid anything that looks creative, fancy or esthetically pleasing.

At this point if you like you can scour the web looking for fancy pics and logos to decorate the crap out of your site.

I prefer to just let the crap sit by itself no bells, no whistles. Just the crappiest piece of web site you've ever laid eyes on!

Is your Content King or Crap?

In my book, most of the content online is crap. Especially when it comes to making the crappiest website ever online. Ask yourself is content really king, or is that king really talking crap?

Don't take my word for it, you have to test what works for your site; on page seo and off page seo. I won't go into that crap right now, because I'm not the crappiest person around to talk about that and personally it's kind of a crappy subject but seo is important nonetheless!

This might be the crappiest tips on how to make a crappy website fast!