Crappiest website on the internet no contest!

Crappiest Site Ever

This is a not just a crappy website, it is the crappiest site ever! Maybe even the crappiest website on the entire World Wide Web!

You are looking at a crappy design, a cheap and garbage layout. It's pure crap or maybe even beyond crap, it may just be plain and simple doggy doo!

Here's the definition of the word crappy:

Very bad; "a lousy play"; "it's a stinking world"

Look around at other sites, I'm sure they may be boring, with ugly pictures, awful logos and headers and even perhaps confusing site navigation.

If you had a contest to see who had the crappiest website ever, do you think the other sites would be crappier than this one?

I've got a crappy website

I won't hide the truth that this is a crappy website, I would be completely full of crap if I didn't mention that I've got a crappy site!

I am tired of people crapping on my site so I'll admit that this is the Crappiest website ever and that's no crap!

Infact this website stinks of organic crap!